A Pilgrim


Dear Christian, do you realize that you are a pilgrim? Do you realize that this is not your home? Your comfort here on earth is not the most important thing. To satisfy your desires is not the most important thing. Because this is not where you belong.

You are aiming for heaven. You are busy traveling to the eternal city, to the heavenly Jerusalem. I am surprised how many Christians have lost this perspective on their lives. They don’t realize that they are pilgrims.

Friend, if you want to find the real heroes, if you want to find the real soldiers, go to those who are pilgrims, who see themselves as pilgrims in this world. That is where you will find the brave ones. The brave ones of the Christian church are the ones that realize they are on their way, they are just pilgrims through this world.

Spent time with them. Not with those who has made this world their home. No, go to those who have decided this is not my home, that I m a pilgrim, I am on the way to heaven. There you will find a person that doesn’t change from day to day. There you’ll find a person that’s every day the same. Whether there is a cold wind blowing, or whether is raining, it’s on their way to heaven.

Dear friend, don’t take your eyes of that. If you take your eyes from the fact that you are a pilgrim, you are going to fall into sin, and you are going to do the wrong things. You’ll find a true pilgrim always in one place: on the road. You will always be on the road. Whenever you speak to him or her, you’ll find him on the road. You’ll find him unattached to this world, not attached to this world.

You’ll find him on the way moving to the heavenly Jerusalem. And this is his vow, this is the promise he’s made to God. That he will be a pilgrim for the rest of his life. Have you kept that promise friend? A true pilgrim will not be discouraged.

Albu van Eeden

Toate devotionalele

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